Results of treatment of patients with cancer

Results of treatment from Belarus
Results of treatment from Russia
Interview with the patient after 11 years
Interview with patients from Europe

Alexandra Andreevna, a doctor from Poltava, appealed to Kulik about the disease of the father-in-law - he had only a few days left to live. X-ray images left no doubt in the diagnosis. "After three courses of treatment," she says, "my father-in-law came to life. Doctors, having made control checks, did not believe their eyes - but did he have cancer? »And so on.

Alexander Ivanovich, an oncologist from Chisinau: "Last year, I made a diagnosis of myself: a tumor of the right lung. After two courses, the X-ray showed - the tumor disappeared "

Ya-ko Vladimir Alexandrovich is a husband. 1977g.r. (Donetsk). Diagnosis: Neuroblastoma (posttraumatic) of the cervical spinal cord with impaired function. TxNoMo. Traditional treatment: Operated. Relapse. He was treated from 11.02.2002 to 12.09.2004 and received 5 courses of Flaraxin. As of 07/06/2008, it feels good. Married and has two children.

L-va Natlya Nikolaevna female. 1980g.r. (Lugansk). Diagnosis: Pituitary tumor with suproselyar growth. Traditional treatment: Unprofitable. Irradiation and Chemotherapy is not subject. Was treated with 10.11.1998 to 04.09.2000 received 5 courses Flaraxin. As of 06,07,2008, he feels well. After that I finished school with a gold medal, the institute, gave birth to a child.

Vyacheslav Alexandrovich Vyacheslav, male. 1993. p. (Lugansk). Diagnosis: Neuroblastoma of abdominal space with sprouting into the body of the spine l3-l4. Traditional treatment: 3 courses of polychemotherapy (PCT) in the Institute of Oncology in Kiev. Without improvement. He was treated from 1.10.1997 to 28.01.2001 and received 8 courses of Flaraxin. As of October 1, 2006 feels well. On NMR tomography, no pathological changes were detected. Studying.

G-yan Ekaterina Yakovlevna female. 1926g. (Donetsk). Diagnosis: Cancer of the left kidney T3NxMx. Traditional treatment: Operated. PCT went. The process continued. It was treated from 27.05.2002 to 12.07.2003. Received 4 courses Flaraxin. I feel well on 06/03/2005.

Sh-na Lydia Timofeevna female. 1946g. (Donetsk). Diagnosis: Right breast cancer. T3N2Mo. Traditional treatment: Operation. PCT. The process progressed. It was treated from 03.04.2002 to 26.03.2003 and received 4 courses of Flaraxin. State of health as of March 26, 2007. Good without relapse and metastasis.

R-va Vera Nikolaevna female. 1930g.r. (Donetsk). Diagnosis: Right breast cancer. T4N1M1. Traditional treatment: Unprofitable. Refused from traditional PCT and Radiotherapy. She was treated from 20.11.2002 to 17.12.2003 and received 4 courses of Flaraxin. As of August 20, 2007, I feel well, I work at home.

B-vich Fenya Lukyanovna female. 1929g. (Donetsk). Diagnosis: Ovary cancer left T3NxM1. Traditional treatment: I underwent surgery and PCT. The process progressed. He was treated from 22.01.2002 to 10.02.2003 and received 4 courses of Flaraxin. I feel good on 01/10/2006.

K-tyuk Vladimir Filimonovich, male. 1932g. (Donetsk). Diagnosis: Larynx cancer. T1NxMo. Traditional treatment: Operation and after Radiation therapy. He was treated from 13.02.2002 to 10.10.2002 and received 3 courses of Flaraxin. The state of health on 10.01.2006 is normal. Recurrence and metastasis is not present.

D-va Ludmila Matveyevna female. 1932g. (Donetsk). Diagnosis: Right breast cancer. T4N1Mx. Traditional treatment: Operation, PCT, Radiotherapy. She was treated from 26.03.2002 to 01.02.2003 and received 4 courses of Flaraxin. The subjective state is stable. On 2.02.2006 the general condition is satisfactory.

T-ko Nina Fedorovna female. 1949g.r. (Donetsk). Diagnosis: Cervical cancer of the cervix T2NoMx. Traditional treatment: Operation. Radiation and PCT. She was treated from 30.05.2002 to 05.12.2002 and received 3 flares of Flaraxin. The subjective state is stable. The quality of life has improved on 10.02.2004.

K-kaya Kamila Mihailovna female. 1934g. (Donetsk). Diagnosis: Ovarian cancer T3N1M1. Traditional treatment: PCT and Radiation Therapy. She was treated from 16.06.2002 to 17.03.2003 and received 3 courses of Flaraxin. The state on 20.05.2003 is good, moved to Moscow.

D-nd Vladislav Vladimirovich, male born in 1951 Diagnosis: Cr of the left kidney IV st. T4N1M0 mts into paraaortic lymph nodes and liver. Traditional treatment: surgery 23.03.2000, ineffective. Received immediately after the operation 3 courses of Flaraxin. On 25.02.2003 the condition is satisfactory.

M-v Alexander Naumovich, male born in 1940. Diagnosis: Cr of the prostate T4NxM0. Traditional treatment: Traditional treatment is denied. Received 3 courses of Flaraxin, restorative disinfectant therapy. At present, the condition is satisfactory.

M-ko Ivan Mikhailovich, male born in 1926. Diagnosis: Cr of the prostate gland mts in the lower rump region of the spine. PGZ adenocarcenoma. Traditional treatment: received a course of radiotherapy and incomplete chemotherapy; because of a violation of the heart rate, this treatment was impossible to continue. Received 3 courses of Flaraxin. The condition has stabilized.

K-r Vasily Pavlovich, male born in 1935. Diagnosis: prostate adenoma. Traditional treatment: Adenoma since 1997. From operation categorically refused because of the transferred heart attack. Passed on September 18, 1997. 3 courses of treatment with Flaraxin. He feels well. Micturition is free. Data for the year 2001.

B-er Grigory Grigorievich, male born in 1920. Diagnosis: prostate adenoma. Traditional treatment: He was treated since 27.10.1997. The treatment was ineffective. Completed 3 courses of treatment with Flaraxin. Restoration of urination, pain in the lumbar region disappeared.

V-ko Leonid Savelievich, male born in 1934. Diagnosis: Cr prostate IV st., Ascites, chronic field bronchitis. PGZ fine-acin adenocarcinoma. Traditional treatment: denied. Has received 3 courses of treatment with Flaraxin. March 16, 1999 to August 2002 was monitored. The condition was stable. Now he moved to Donetsk region. Stable remission. Data for the year 2005.

Zh-va Evgenia Dmitrievna, female born in 1956 Diagnosis: Cr of the right breast. Traditional treatment: 19.06.1999. Operation is a sectoral resection of the right breast. Specialized methods of treatment are not due to a heart attack. Received from June 1999 pass 3 courses of treatment with Flaraxin. At present, feels good, relapses and distant metastases have not been revealed.

K-esh Vera Ilinichna, female born in 1922. Diagnosis: Cr of the left breast, IV grade, IV grade, mts in the skin of the breast, axillary lymph nodes, l / nodes of the mediastinum. Traditional treatment: Specialized methods are not shown because of the prevalence of the process. The left breast is almost a tumor, soldered to the ribs, pus with blood is excreted from the wound. Has passed 3 courses of treatment with Flaraxin since March, 1998 - the wound was epitolized, l / knots axillary and mediastinum have disappeared, the mammary gland became mobile. The patient was operated on in July 1999 - the left breast was removed. As of May 2005, the state is satisfactory.

N-va Lyubov Alexandrovna, female born in 1936. Diagnosis: Cr of the right breast T4N1M0. Traditional treatment: a polyatensive course of chemotherapy was underway, because of the sharp deterioration in the state of health, chemotherapy was not possible. Received from September 24, 2001. 3 courses of treatment with Flaraxin. For 2003 the patient's condition is stable.

Sh-ko Antonina Vasilievna, female born in 1941. Diagnosis: Cr of the left breast, mts in the axillary lymph nodes, cancer intoxication, cachexia I st. Objectively: in the outer upper quadrant of the left breast, the seal is 6 x 8 x 10 cm, tightly welded to the skin. Traditional treatment: impossible. Has received 3 courses of Flaraxin since April 1999, after the 3rd course axillary lymph nodes dissolve, the compression decreased in size. Received another course of Flaraxin - the compaction was softened, palpation is not determined. The patient feels well. The condition is stable for 2004, she is now working.

P-va Valentine Grigoryevna, female born in 1949 Diagnosis: Cr of the left breast, mts in the axillary l / nodes on the left. Traditional treatment: The tumor itself found itself, was observed in obolonkodispansere 2 years, from the proposed operation refused. Because Her mother and sister died after a similar operation. Received from 10.07.1997 6 courses of Flaraxin against the background of hemlock and tomaxifen. L / a axillary left disappeared, the tumor decreased in size. To the present time it feels satisfactory, from the operation as before refuses.

N-va Irina Viktorovna, female born in 1959 Diagnosis: Cr of the right breast, mts in the lower sacral department of the spine - IV century., IV class. Traditional treatment: impossible. Received from 01.11.1998. 4 courses of Flaraxin - the general condition is relatively satisfactory. The bleeding wound was epithelized. The tumor decreased by one third. The intensity of pain decreased. Data for the year 2001.

G-va Zinaida Savelievna, female born in 1937. Diagnosis: Melanoma of the skin of the neck to the left. Objectively: in the neck area there is an injured pigment spot, in the supraclavicular areas the l / node is 3 x 2 cm. Traditional treatment: She refused the operation. It is treated. After 3 courses, Flaraxin l / node disappeared, pigmentation decreased in size, focal inflammation disappeared. From May 1997 to the present time she feels satisfactory, metastasis is not observed, she lives in Murmansk.

G-chuk Vasily Demidovich, male born in 1943 Diagnosis: pancreatic cancer, mts in the liver, retroperitoneal and paraaortic l / nodes, intoxication, grade II cachexia, severe pain syndrome. Traditional treatment: Took radiation and chemotherapy - 1 course. The effect of treatment was not observed. Received 3 courses of Flaraxin intravenously. Against the background of detoxification and restorative therapy. The general condition of the patient improved, appetite regained, abdominal pain disappeared, and interest in life appeared. As of 2001 still working.

I-ve Vladimir Petrovich, male born in 1957 Diagnosis: Cr of the right lung, mts in supraclavicular l / nodes on the left. Histology: glandular carcinoma. Traditional treatment: Received chemotherapy course - without effect. Completed 3 courses of treatment with Flaraxin. The patient's condition is satisfactory, the appetite is good, he walks a lot. Data for the year 2004.

T-th Vladimir Aleksandrovich, born in 1924. Diagnosis: Cr of the left lung T3NxMx II st. Traditional treatment: no info. Has received since 1998 5 courses of Flaraxin against a general restorative treatment. The general condition is satisfactory, the pain in the thorax has disappeared, stopped coughing and shortness of breath, works at the dacha. Data for 2004

Ekaterina Dmitrievna S-eva, female born in 1917. Diagnosis: Cr of the left lung, mts at the root of the left lung. Diagnosis were conformed in 1998 in September. Traditional treatment: Specialized methods of treatment are not subject to age and the presence of concomitant pathologies. Received 3 courses of treatment with Flaraxin, after which the dry cough suppressed ceased, the pain in the chest disappeared, and appetite improved. The patient lived 3 years and 4 months and died from a major stroke.

A-to Peter Nikonorovich, male born in 1940. Diagnosis: Cr of the left lung, mts in l / nodes of the mediastinum. Histology: adenocarcinoma. Traditional treatment: not shown. Received 5 courses of Flaraxin, cervical-lymph nodes disappeared, dyspnea ceased, their voice recovered. The patient lived 3 years 10 months.

A-ev Alexey Andreevich, male born in 1933. Diagnosis: Cr of the left lung, mts in l / nodes of the mediastinum, cancer intoxication, cancer cachexia. Histology: squamous cell carcinoma. Has been ill since November 1998. Traditional treatment: Specialized methods of treatment were not subject to the prevalence of the process. Received from March 1, 1999 3 courses of treatment with Flaraxin. The temperature was normalized, stopped coughing. Pain in the chest decreased. On chest X-ray control: the mediastinum is free, the tumor in the left lung decreased by 2/3 and is defined as "kaltsenat". Data for the year 2003.

B-ko Svetlana Ivanovna, female born in 1969. Diagnosis: Endometriosis of the uterus and ovaries, fibroids of the uterus with submucous mucous nodes, ovarian cyst. Histology: glandular hyperplasia of the endometrium of the mixed type. Traditional treatment: Operative treatment is offered, from which the patient categorically refused. Appointed on 21.06.2001. course Flaraxin. 3 courses were conducted. The general condition improved, the ovarian cyst resolved, fibroids of the uterus decreased by 2 times. Data for the year 2006.

O-ka Ekaterina Makarovna, female born in 1927. Diagnosis: Cervical cervix. Histology: a highly differentiated adenocarcinoma with sprouting into the muscle layer. Complaints about copious discharge from the vagina with an admixture of blood and pus. Traditional treatment: She refused hospitalization for family reasons. After 3 courses of treatment with Flaraxin, the general condition improved, it became good to eat, pains in the lower abdomen disappeared, vaginal discharge stopped. On ultrasound-control of the abdominal cavity and small pelvis, the process is stabilized. Again, surgical treatment was proposed, which the patient refused.

V-kaya Maria Efimovna, female born in 1921. Diagnosis: Cr cervix IV st, mts in adjacent organs. Histology: highly differentiated adenocarcinoma. Complaints about spotting from the vagina. Traditional treatment: not shown. I received 4 courses of Flaraxin. The discharge stopped, the weakness disappeared, and the appetite improved. The treatment was started in 1999, in May 2002 the patient's condition was satisfactory.